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Disclosure Network New York – 2019 Schedule of Major Meetings

Sunday, May 19 Guest Speaker: Carole Gonxalez – Ingo Swann – Remote Viewer & Psychic Over the course of his career, Swann not only introduced revolutionary new ways of thinking about consciousness research, but created what is today probably the most successful and widely-used method of teaching the practical use of consciousness-based skills. In accomplishing those purposes, he himself performed uncountable thousands of remote viewing sessions in support of research, training, and operational goals. On April 27, 1973, in another extraordinary experiment, Swann “visited” the planet Jupiter in a joint “psychic probe” shared by fellow psychic Harold Sherman. Swann’s drawings made during the experiment showed a ‘ring’ of tiny asteroids around the planet which scientists at the time said did not exist. The existence of the ring was later scientifically confirmed in 1979. After nineteen years on the cutting edge of psi developments, the “longest run” of any subject on record, Swann retired from full-time research to undertake independent research into the problems and states of consciousness. In final interviews regarding the dimensions of his past work, he stated that the long-term stresses of laboratory work and the constant need to defend the validity of psi faculties and exceptional experiencing had taken their toll. He occasionally accepts invitations to lecture but refuses to talk to the media. In a paper read at the United Nations in March 1994 (entitled “Scientists find the basis for seventeen-plus human senses and perceptions”), he stated that psi faculties and exceptional experiencing are not purely scientific issues. Their discovery and development involve larger social, philosophical, political, and religious problems not amenable to objective research and rational appreciation. A Q&A to follow.

Sunday, June 2 Guest Speaker: Professor Clare – “OUR BELIEF SYSTEMS – PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE” – Part 2 A talk by Professor Clare on this far reaching topic that lead to a deep round table discussion during Part 1 that was presented a few months ago, and will include another lively round table discussion. From the time when we were children we have had beliefs based on what we were told by our parents as being true; Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, etc. We then started going to school and began to learn what was taught by our teachers about history, science, and the government, etc. We also listen to the news to learn what was happening in the world and believed what was being told to us by the newscasters to be true. If we went to a place of worship we were taught what that religion proclaimed to be true. Now we are grow up adults and our beliefs have now changed over time and what we once trusted to be the truth we no longer trust. In this special round table meeting discussion we will share our personal perspectives and explore who and what to look for the truth.

Sunday, June 23 Guest Speaker: Dean Loren  Quite fearless in his constant search of truth, Dean has many insights because of his tireless investigations into who and what is really behind the curtain on many deep levels and has both the limitless energy and drive to be the poster boy for the idiom,“to leave no stone unturned” for his research. Dean wears a great many hats in his life. He hosts a weekly Manhattan Neighborhood Network show. Tighten your seat belt for Dean’s awesome and truly wonderful talk filled with pointed humor in his most revealing and no holds bar individual and forceful manor. Note: Some people might be very upset when Dean names names and steps on some very big toes in some of his research findings and shocking opinions based on those findings. It is very hard for some folks to rethink what they thought was good and true only to find that it all is a very big lie to protect the guilty and to keep the lies going. So please do your own research and be prepared to handle the truth even if flies in the face of what you were told was true and what you had believed for so long. That is how we all grow. Yes, it can be very, very painful indeed but that is the price we all pay for truth. (And it’s well worth it!) A Q&A to follow.

DNNY Special Events:

In June (Date & time TBA) On a Saturday afternoon DNNY long time member and researcher extraordinaire Lorraine Gibney will conduct a walking tour featuring the shocking and amazing history of the Westbeth Complex located in the West Village. An early dinner in a West Village diner will follow!

In June and/or July (Date & time TBA) A DNNY Summer Picnic in beautiful and iconic Central Park for DNNY members, friends and family located behind the Met Museum just North of the historic Cleopatra’s Needle. A “lucky number drawing” is also planned for this fun event!