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DNNY Monthly Meeting Announcement

A VERY SPECIAL 2nd Guest Speaker has been added! This meeting starts at 1pm

Sunday, Dec. 15 from 1pm-4pm

PLUS: In addition to Rob Potter on Zoom… Live and in person direct from West Virginia: RAYMOND KELLER

Ray is flying to NYC on Saturday from West Virginia to talk about his awesome experiences with ET contact at this meeting. Rob and Ray have done presentations together around the world at major UFO Conventions and gatherings. Do not miss this chance to hear what they have witnessed and seen with their own eyes. Yes, a Q&A will follow! This last DNNY meeting for 2019 will certainly be one of the very best.

Please do not forget that this special 3 hour meeting with one brief intermission will start at 1pm and end at 4pm.                                            

Yes, you may bring a beverage and snacks with you to the meeting. RSVP NOW to hold your spot! (This will sell out.)

Note: For the people who have already RSVPd please note that the new start time is 1pm. You do not have to re RSVP.

Date: Sunday, Dec, 15, 2019

Time: 1PM – 4PM Enter Meeting Room at 2pm sharp. Please be on time

Location: The Center, 208 West 13th St., Room 201A, 2nd floor, NYC
Walk West on 13th Street and 7th Avenue on the South side of the street. Look for a large “Rainbow Flag” on the large red brick building! The elevators to the second floor meeting rooms are right behind the “Reception Desk” area to the left. A Refreshment/Coffee Shop is to the right of the Reception Desk area when you enter the building. You may bring your refreshments into the meeting room as long as you take them out with you after the meeting is over.

Topic(s): Meet The Venusians: Rob Meets The Venusian Commander Aura Rhanes and She Allows Herself to be Video Recorded

Featured Speaker: Rob Potter

Program (Live Event): AWESOME PROGRAM via ZOOM
Rob will give us the big picture of his awesome life experiences as he goes deep into contact with off planet beings. He gives presentations at major UFO conferences worldwide and has much to share with us. This first presentation to DNNY is Part One and he will be scheduled to do Part Two in the first months of 2020.

Bio: Rob is a real physical contactee of the Venusians and the Pleiadeans and has been researching healing and consciousness for over 40 years. He has given seminars all over the world including Egypt, Japan, Australia, Bolivia, Peru, Canada, China, Europe and USA.

Rob has just recently on Nov. 22nd 2019 met the Venusian Commander Aura Rhanes. She is the leader of the Venusian Moon Base. This colony is called Clarion and is back side of the moon from which the Venusians run various operations on the earth. Rob will share how this meeting took place why he was chosen and the messages of love and peace that they told Rob to share with the world. Rob will share this video as well as some written and recorded messages he has received in the last year. He will take questions after his presentation.

He has a website called “The Promise Revealed”. You may enjoy the many interviews Rob has done for a number of radio stations including on coast to coast on his website: This website tells Robs story and has many revelations about Planetary Liberation and spiritual knowledge. The website also has the advanced healing technologies given to Fred Bell and Rob from the Pleiadeans and the Andromedeans. These technologies involve the proper use of Pyramids, Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Lasers and Tesla coils. Sound Light and Color is also quite integral in the working of these healing devices. Clearly sound frequencies and color will be instrumental in the healing of our world. He has a weekly radio shows called “The Victory of Light “Radio Show.

Rob leads sacred site tours to South America, Bolivia and Peru and Egypt and Hawaii to name a few. Please check the website for upcoming tour dates in 2020 to Machu Picchu and Bolivia.

Meeting Details: Admission $10 per person, cash only. Hal Rainbow, our DNNY Treasurer, will collect your admission fee at the door of the meeting room at 2pm sharp. If you didn’t RSVP by Saturday at 12 Noon you will have to wait until everyone who did RSVP on time is seated and if there is any seating left you will then be admitted.

Note: First time attendees: Please bring with you a copy of this announcement so you may use the detailed information the day of the event to help you find your way. Allow plenty of extra travel time because the New York City subways are much slower on Sundays and you will want to be on time at 2pm sharp. You do not want to miss the important announcements at the very beginning of the meeting!

Important!!! RSVP now to grab your spot!

Important – Follow Carefully: Please type in your e-mail subject line only these two words in CAP LETTERS and nothing else: DNNY RSVP

In the body of your e-mail simply provide:

(1) Your full name

(2) Your e-mail address

(3) Your phone number

Note: If you would like to bring a guest you will need to provide the same information about them too.

E-mail to Nick at:

A confirmation will be e-mailed back to you asap. If we sell out before you made your RSVP you will be notified. Please get your RSVP in as early as possible hold your spot.

Questions/Press: Contact: Nick Curto, DNNY Director/Co-Founder: Phone: 917.701.9033

e-mail address:

Important – Please Note: If you find that you cannot attend the meeting for any reason after making a reservation it’s important to let Nick know so he can then take your name off the RSVP list for the meeting. By doing that other people may then attend an otherwise sold out meeting. You will be charged the $10 admission fee for the meeting that you did not attend if you did not let Nick know you were not going to attend the meeting beforehand.

Rules of the Venue:

  1. All beverages and any other items brought into the room must be brought out right after the meeting ends.
  2. Please silence your cell phones when entering the meeting room.
  3. No photos may be taken or sound recording is ever allowed at any of the DNNY meetings unless written permission is given 3 days before the meeting.

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