Next Meeting

Next ZOOM Meeting

Sunday, August 16 at 2pm SHARP!

Members of DNNY will be meeting on ZOOM instead of The Center for the foreseeable future until we get the “All Clear” and the COVID-19 is 100% gone. I’m posting the future ZOOM meeting dates for the coming months below. Please place these dates in your calendar.

I’m very excited about this new way for us be together again and to share our ideas and research on the various important topics that we all are very much interested in knowing more about. We have two different styles of ZOOM Meetings: DNNY “Round Table Town Meeting” where we will be having a group open discussion.Other ZOOM meetings will have an interview of a featured guest speaker and their talk followed by a Q&A. I will announce each meeting details on our Google Groups “DNNY NEWS BLASTS”.

IMPORTANT: Everyone MUST RSVP if you are planning to attend our ZOOM meetings. In the subject line of your e-mail only type in: 

DNNY RSVP August 16

Please provide in your e-mail: 

1/ Your Full Name

2/ Your e-mail Address

3/ Your Phone Number

E-mail your info to: 

You’ll receive CONFIRM” in your e-mail ASAP.

Note: You will also be e-mailed the ZOOM Code to enable you to attend the DNNY ZOOM Meeting when we send you your CONFIRM reply!

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Future Dates for DNNY ZOOM meetings at 2pm Sharp!:

Sunday, September 6  &   Sunday, September 20

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all once again and catching up.

There’s a whole lot to talk about for sure!

Connecting the dots to seek truth.”

Nick Curto

DNNY Director & Co-Founder

Phone: 917.701.9033       e-mail address: