Next Meeting

DNNY Monthly Meeting Announcement

Date: Sunday, June 17th 2018

Time: 2PM – 4PM Please be on time

Location: The Center, 208 West 13th St., Room 201b, 2nd floor, NYC (West of 7th Ave. on the South side of 13th Street. Look for a large “Rainbow Flag” on the building! The elevators to the third floor meeting rooms are right behind the Reception Desk area to the left. A Refreshment/Coffee Shop is to the right of the Reception Desk area when you enter the building. You may bring your refreshments into the meeting room as long as you take them out after the meeting is over.)

Topic(s): A Major DNNY Town Meeting Discussion to Address Issues of Great Concern – Part 2

Featured Speaker: All Members of DNNY in Attendance

Program (Live Event): AWESOME PROGRAM! Fasten your seat belts for this program for sure!!!
This DNNY Special “Town Meeting” will be a round table discussion of issues of great concern as depicted in a truly thrilling video the FOX Television Network aired titled “The X-Files (Event Series) S1 E1 – My Struggle” which very powerfully and concisely told the truth about what no one is talking about even through these major issues effect every man, woman and child now and in the future! A truly stunning 3:42 Minutes of “Brillant Video” which took the breath away of everyone who has viewed it. Please visit as preparation to help form your questions/answers for group discussion and write down your major issues and concerns and bring them with you to this very special meeting.

Meeting Details: Admission $10 per person. Hal Rainbow, our treasurer, will collect your admission fee at the door of the meeting room at 2PM sharp. Thank You.
IMPORTANT!!! RSVP now to guarantee one (1) reserved seat!

Important: When you RSVP please provide your
1. Your full name
2. Your e-mail address
3. Your phone number(s)
4. If you would like to invite a guest please provide the same information that you are asked to provide
E-mail to:
In the subject line type in “DNNY RSVP”.
A confirmation will be e-mailed back to you asap. If we sell out before you made your RSVP you will be notified of that fact also. Please get your RSVP in as early as possible.

Important – Please Note: If you find that you can not attend the meeting for any reason after making a reservation it is important to let Nick know so he can then take your name off the RSVP list for the meeting. By doing that other people may then attend an otherwise sold out meeting. You will be charged the $10 admission fee for the meeting that you did not attend if you did not let Nick know you were not going to attend the meeting beforehand.

Rules of the Venue:

All beverages and any other items brought into the room must be brought out right after the meeting ends.
Please silence your cell phones when entering the meeting room.
No photos may be taken or sound recording is ever allowed at any of the DNNY meetings unless written permission is given 3 days before the meeting.

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