Next Meeting

Next ZOOM Meeting Sunday, June 7 at 2pm SHARP!

Members of DNNY will be meeting on ZOOM instead of The Center for the foreseeable future until we get the “All Clear” and the COVID-19 is 100% gone. I’m posting the future ZOOM meeting dates for the coming months below. Please place these dates in your calendar.

I’m very excited about this new way for us be together again and to share our ideas and research on the various important topics that we all are very much interested in knowing more about. Our next ZOOM meeting will be a DNNY “Round Table Town Meeting” where we will be having a group open discussion. Some future ZOOM meetings will also feature more “Round Table Town Meetings” and other ZOOM meetings will have an interview of a featured guest speaker and their talk followed by a Q&A just like our previous meetings at The Center. I will announce each meeting details on our DNNY Google Groups.

IMPORTANT: Everyone MUST RSVP if you are planning to attend our ZOOM meetings. In the subject line of your e-mail only type in: DNNY RSVP MAY 3

Please provide in your e-mail your 1. Full Name 2. E-mail Address 3. Phone Number. E-mail your info to: You’ll receive “CONFIRM” in your e-mail ASAP.

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully! Anyone who does not follow these simple guidelines and rules will not be allowed to return!

Please use your newest phone be it a cell phone or wired phone. If you are using a cell phone be positioned in a place close to a window for the best reception and seated in a room without any distractions and with no sounds of any kind in the background. Never be outside or in a public place when taking part in our ZOOM Meetings. Avoid a situation where someone might be talking to you, a TV or radio that is turned on, and your kids or various pets can be heard (They should be gently but very securely duck taped!!!) and are not near you too. Please make sure you are not eating something that will make any noise whatsoever. (Like potato chips, pretzels, crackers, nuts or bubble gum!!!) Click on your MUTE button on the bottom left on your screen. Click it off to talk.

You might want to have a beverage with you before to access the meeting. Please have good illumination in the room you are in and possibly lights positioned in the front of you and behind your laptop so you are reasonably well lit. Please sit close to your computer screen and talk loudly so we can hear you when its your turn to speak and you are called upon by me. Please be very comfortable but yes, some clothing must be warn by you at all times. (Sorry about that for any nudists members that we might have but rules are rules!!!)

All of our meetings are recorded and the recordings are placed on both our own web site as well as YouTube. If you do not want your own image to be seen during the meeting you may use the icon on the ZOOM screen to block it. You can also use an icon on the ZOOM screen to signal the host that you would like to be recognized because you would like to say something to the group.

When you are first connected to the meeting by ZOOM please announce your first name only so we know that you have joined us. When I call upon you to speak say “This is (First name)” I will be doing my job as host/moderator to move things along and to keep my eye on the clock so the meeting will run smoothly and what needs to be brought up for discussion will have enough time to be expressed. Please raise your hand so I can know that you want to speak and I will call upon you one at a time. It’s important to remember that one person at a time should be talking and that whenever you want to say something to the group it should always be as short and sweet as you possibly are able to express it so that those who also want to say something will have time to do it. Also, please remember that politeness goes a very long way especially if you are disagreeing with what someone else is saying. Any questions about any of these items please do contact me. I will do my best to answer any questions that you may have.

Here are the simple directions for our upcoming event:

On Sunday at 2pm sharp here is how to access our DNNY ZOOM meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting on your laptop. Click to send:

When asked for type in the Meeting ID: 824 4727 9414

One tap mobile

+16465588656,,3734810764# US (New York)

+13126266799,,3734810764# US (Chicago)

Dial by your location

+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

+1 253 215 8782 US

+1 301 715 8592 US

+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

+1 720 707 2699 US (Denver)

Find your local number:


Future Dates for DNNY ZOOM meetings at 2pm Sharp!:

Sunday, May 3; Sunday, May 17; Sunday, June 7; Sunday, June 28


I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all once again and catching up.

There’s a whole lot to talk about for sure!

Connecting the dots to seek truth.”