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A few thoughts about this day…

This was a very strange and much too quiet a day in many ways for me and I would think for all of you as well. COVID-19 seemed to have come into our lives out of absolutely nowhere. All of a sudden, or so it seemed, that is all everyone was trying to deal with as best as they could, and talking about it non stop and with good reason. Of course all of the newscasts were, and still are, making it the number one topic as the story keeps expanding.

Meanwhile, other very important critical news stories are almost totally forgotten and placed on the back burner. What or who is responsible for this virus attack, and there are some very suspicious candidates right now, has to be found out and every possible direction has to be fully explored until it’s crystal clear how and why this happened and how to absolutely prevent this nightmare from ever happening again. There is currently, and in the foreseeable future, a great deal to discover to get to the bottom of this deeply disturbing event and if it was a deliberatly manufactured virus the perpetrators must be brought to justice or this will happen again and again. This mystery must be solved as quickly as possible. The people of this world need and must have the answers.

The thing that I wanted to say here is that you all must please do everything that you can possibly do to stay 100% safe and healthy and do to fully protect yourself as well as everyone else in any way that you can. Knowing you all as well as I do I’m sure that you are already doing just that. When all this has finally passed out of our lives and we return to a much more normal situation I want to see every single person once again healthy and strong as we renew our shared interests with one another and continue in our awesome path to explore and research in order to pursue the truth no matter what that truth is. That takes guts and we all have it in us for sure. That I know.

I was so looking forward to today, Sunday, March 15, 2020, because there was so much that has been planned to look forward to for today. I wanted to share that now with you.

The Urantia Book Reading Hour from 1pm to 2pm is now exploring the forth major part of this four part book spiritual masterpiece which is about the many untold areas of Jesus life that finally explain events that the Bible does not have and clears up a great deal that was happening during this pivotal time in the history of mankind. The readers of this work are from all areas of spirituality and very different belief systems including former atheists as well and has moved every reader into a deeper meaning of who we are, what are place is in the Master Universe, and what the widest possible concept of the big picture of total levels of reality. No one who has read this book has not been moved and their concepts have not been deepened in some way.

The Disclosure Network New York was to present Mark Kimmel for today’s meeting, live on Skype from California, and he had prepared a Power Point presentation for his talk.  Mark is a man with breathtaking information and insights that give perspective about our reality and what other levels of communication he has been exploring for a good part of his life. His books on the subject are very exciting indeed and he now has a new book just out. Mark’s scheduled talk today would have been his 4th talk to our DNNY membership since we began 19 years ago and each and every time he has addressed our group he has brought with him a great deal of new information to think about and discuss. We hope to reschedule Mark as soon as his and our schedules permit.

Actors Class for Improv Acting, our newest group, scheduled from 4pm to 5:30pm directly after the DNNY meetings, was to explore in today’s class how various kinds of music and popular singer’s recorded performances of their best known hits can inspire an actor to instantly become someone else through the music or do their own version of the song for the first 60 seconds of the recorded music. The music might suggest just body movement too. Not only is this exciting exercise great fun and full of interesting surprises but it’s a powerful tool to enable a person, weather a dedicated actor or simply someone who likes to take up challenges to widen and deepen their confidence levels, of “being in the moment”, and taping their own creativity to confront unexpected issues in their life and use them to their advantage.

With all that said I think that you can see why I was very much looking forward to today’s three very different group meetings at The Center. The people, yes…you guys, who come to these different meetings are so energized with your passion to learn as well as to share your own knowledge and feelings that it always is a rewarding experience for me every single time.

I look forward to when we can resume our meetings. I’m hoping for the beginning of April, but for safety reasons, it might take more time.

Meanwhile, let’s all keep in close touch through e-mails, phone conversations or possibly meeting in small groups for coffee or even outside in good weather in Central Park. I will continue to send out e-mails for all three groups. Please stay healthy and strong. The best is yet to come!


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