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DNNY Monthly Meeting Announcement

Date: Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020

Time: 2PM – 4PM Enter Meeting Room at 2pm sharp. Please be on time

Location: The Center, 208 West 13th St., Room 201A, 2nd floor, NYC
Walk West on 13th Street and 7th Avenue on the South side of the street. Look for a large “Rainbow Flag” on the large red brick building! The elevators to the second floor meeting rooms are right behind the “Reception Desk” area to the left. A Refreshment/Coffee Shop is to the right of the Reception Desk area when you enter the building. You may bring your refreshments into the meeting room as long as you take them out with you after the meeting is over.

Topic(s): Organic Plasma Life Forms, Proof Positive Contact with Inter-Dimensional Intelligence

Featured Speaker: Kurt Vaughn

Program (Live Event): AWESOME PROGRAM!!!
Consciousness is Universal: The spirit of high awareness & subsequent awareness quotient (A.Q.) has a direct & prolific affect on consciousness, & evidently, the manifestation of reality…where creativity & thought intersect, is key. “We are in a social experiment where we’re interactive & interacting… literally creating our own collective reality.”- Colin Andrews.

Have some folks such as Colin Andrews actually been “groomed” and “messaged” from the “get go” to be a sort of liaison & duly serve as an intermediary at some point in a social experiment? Indications are high this is likely what’s transpired for some over the course of their lives.

As an “experiencer” & apparent “lifetime member,”belonging to a club Kurt can’t recall ever having joined, he soon learned that he’d interfaced with unknown entities & intelligence(s) seemingly, beginning from early childhood and apparently, until present. Back in the mid 90’s he had the unique & fortunate opportunity to explore his suspicions, having been accepted by Budd Hopkins personally & his Intruder Foundation, where over a course of a few years, he underwent recurring & periodic hypnosis sessions & attended his support groups to better understand, handle, and ultimately integrate the bizarreness into his life, at least to some degree. He essentially had his epiphany upon discovering a gnawing repressed memory indicating that a nighttime upstate roadside event he had in his early twenties was far greater than what it seemed, in short, that being a scenario encounter with non-human intelligence. Follow-up hypnosis corroborated undeniable ongoing experience, verifying and confirming recognizable patterns over a lifetime. Regular attendance of numerous support group sessions given over the years at Budd Hopkins’s Manhattan studio locale, further demonstrated that the shear preponderance of evidence for UFO reality is in effect, a forgone conclusion. Incrementally, he slowly pieced it together & moved on…but not before rubbing shoulders with the UFO’s “A” list community at the time – David Jacobs, Dr. John Mack, Whitley & Ann Strieber, Peter Robbins, Posey Gilbert, and a host of others that ultimately “sealed it” for him with no plausible route for retreat, escape…or denial.

Using the Holographic model as a baseline, it’s quite possible to integrate & corroborate collated data such as digital video images, together with requisite photographs, educated inference, critical thinking & analysis to ultimately piece together and gain a (more) informed understanding to an otherwise highly-elusive enigma. There will be additional material & discussion which will follow; addressing a daytime sighting of a 4’ tall crystalline-structured triangle that evidently showed up the day after Hurricane Sandy, skimming the water by only a few feet & well within 100 yards and 25’ from shore of our summer home on L.I.’s North shore. In addition, there’s a short clip video of a LIVE daytime UFO hovering, undulating and morphing over the L.I. Sound (all while about a dozen witnesses on our patio facing the water stood in awe). Due to the formidable material being covered, along with time constraint considerations, the presenter will for the sake of brevity proceed in a fairly brisk manner.

For further study and learning more about the Organic Plasma entities, Orbs, etc. Kurt would highly recommend going to You Tube and look for the Home Page “Go for it Randy”

Kurt’s got many videos that show & further explain the same, or similar Organic life forms that I, friends & family have encountered and interfaced with over the years, as has Randy.
Kurt would also recommend the following books:.
Michael Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe” (ISBN 0-06-092258-3)
Edwin A. Abbott’s “Flatlander, a Romance of Many Dimensions”
Michio Kaku’s “Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes”
Peter Guttilla’s “Contact with Beings of Light: The Amazing True Story of Dorothy Wilkenson-Izatt”

Bio: Kurt Vaughn was N.Y. born & raised in Kew Gardens, Queens, son of immigrants having Italian, Irish, Austrian & German ancestry. Artist, innovator and researcher; Attended & graduated from Bishop Loughlin Memorial Catholic high school, & subsequently earning a Psychology degree from Queens College, CUNY. Employed in varied & diverse jobs beginning as a Mandated protective/diagnostic case manager for Child protective services after having graduated from the NY Child Welfare Academy; subsequent work led to private sector investigations & L.E. with DOJ & US Treasury; Earned certification as Crime & Intelligence Analyst; NGH-certified Hypnotherapist; accepted as Clinician member of Dr. Richard Boylan’s A.C.C.E.T. [ET] therapeutic group, & designate Rep for the East Coast.

Meeting Details: Admission $10 per person, cash only. Hal Rainbow, our DNNY Treasurer, will collect your admission fee at the door of the meeting room at 2pm sharp. If you didn’t RSVP by Saturday at 12 Noon you will have to wait until everyone who did RSVP on time is seated and if there is any seating left you will then be admitted.

Note: First time attendees: Please bring with you a copy of this announcement so you may use the detailed information the day of the event to help you find your way. Allow plenty of extra travel time because the New York City subways are much slower on Sundays and you will want to be on time at 2pm sharp. You do not want to miss the important announcements at the very beginning of the meeting!

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Rules of the Venue:

  1. All beverages and any other items brought into the room must be brought out right after the meeting ends.
  2. Please silence your cell phones when entering the meeting room.
  3. No photos may be taken or sound recording is ever allowed at any of the DNNY meetings unless written permission is given 3 days before the meeting.

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