Disclosure Network New York

Disclosure Network New York is an unofficial chapter of The Disclosure Project. DNNY has been active in New York City for over 15 years and our members research UFO/ET data and news reports as well as Paranormal and related topics which are the main focus of our cutting edge, grass roots Manhattan based organization. Our members are from a wide variety of backgrounds and are very serious about digging deep and discovering what the truth is and how it relates to us all both now and in the future. Separating real news from fake news is a full time job but a very important one indeed. Uncovering the true facts and sharing them is the key to our very survival. Disclosure has been deliberately sidetracked for decades so the global elite can stay in control and maintain their power over the masses. That must and will change with the upcoming revelations that are coming forth day by day. Truth will win!

Our motto is, Connecting the dots to seek truth.” We currently have over 450 members worldwide and we hold two meetings per month throughout the year and record our interview meetings of prominent people in the various fields of research and place those interviews on YouTube so a global audience may also obtain the cutting edge information that is being discussed. We also offer to everyone interested to join our “DNNY Yahoo Group” to receive our “DNNY News Blasts” to keep up to date on cutting edge news and issues important to our group as well as DNNY Meetings and Special Event invitations.
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DNNY is inspired by and supportive of the work of Dr. Steven Greer and The Disclosure Project. To listen to Dr. Greer’s interview with DNNY Here

Join the “DNNY Yahoo Group” to receive “DNNY News Blasts” to keep you up to date on news of issues important to our group as well as our meeting announcement details and special event invitations Here
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